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Motion Control Dolly CraneHD Motion Control Dolly CraneHD Motion Control Dolly CraneHD

Motion Control Dolly CraneHD

Motion Control 2

Motion Control for Dolly Crane HD

“3 in 1” Camera Platform
Slider – Mini Jib – Tower

  • MotionControl – Developed specifically for use with the DollyCrane and DollyCrane HD, you’ll enjoy endless possibilities of camera movement and control. MotionControl allows manual and programmed movements. Every movement, manual or programmed, may be recorded and stored for later use. There are nine persistent banks and one volatile bank available. Each movement can be repeated up to 999 times and extended “time extension” up to 99 times, allowing the user more than enough opportunity to get that perfect shot. You’ll really appreciate the wide range of speed settings from 0-20cm/sec. and a speed ramp range from 0.5-2.5 seconds. Due to the patent pending, precision counter balance system on DollyCrane and DollyCrane HD family, only one motor is required for all functions of the motion control. The MotionControl System allows the use of the mutli-angled slider to achieve a wide range of unique shots.



    DSLR — Time Lapse and Stop Motion Modes:

    Time Lapse Continuous mode allows for continuous movement across the slider during the time lapse process. When using Canon and Nikon DSLR’s and the accessory camera control cable, it is possible to control the shutter speed and exposure from the remote control which contains a built in intervalometer. In this mode it is possible to set the total movement time, number of shots and control the shutter and exposure of a DSLR camera. It is also possible to trigger multiple image sequences from the MotionControl. This can be useful for high dynamic range imaging, exposure-bracketed time lapse or multiple constant- exposure shots for noise reduction in the post production process. The time lapse continuous setting also gives you the option to read a saved track from the memory, or manually set the start and stop position desired.

    Time Lapse After Shots or Shoot-Move-Shoot mode works similar to the continuous time lapse mode, but the camera stops before each shot. Set the distance, number of shots, movement time, and control shutter and exposure of DSLR’s. Multiple image sequences for HDR shooting are also capable in this mode.

    Stop Motion Distance mode allows programmed distance between each shot with precise accuracy. Every move and shot is initiated manually through the controller.

    Stop Motion Shot mode allows camera movement with factory settings and programmed number of shots. In this mode, it is possible to set the total movement time, number of shots and control shutter and exposure of DSLR cameras with the use of the accessory camera control cords.


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